The Future of Film Budgeting.

Cinema Calc is the modern software for calculating film budgets.

Pre-filled templates, intuitive interface, and professional PDF export included.

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Excel Sheets?

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The Solution in 80 Seconds 👇

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With Cinema Calc you no longer have to worry about calculation errors.

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With Cinema Calc you have all the numbers at one glance. No matter how long the calculation.

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With Cinema Calc you can flexibly modify calculations without destroying formulars.

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... switched to Cinema Calc budgeting software this week.
When are you tired of your self-made Excel sheet?

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Marius Milinski on Cinema Calc

Filmmaker Marius Milinski talks with us about film budgets, daily rates, and Cinema Calc. 👇

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💡 Nothing Slips Through

Our pre-filled calculation template is your to-do list. Never forget or overlook a cost item again.

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📊 Calculate Profits

Compare budgeted and actual costs for each project. Just one click away.

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📝 Capture Notes

Capture important thoughts, information, and notes in the Production Briefing. Easily document project details for yourself and your clients.

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